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handle hydraulic crimper toolkit
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Easy To Use And Convenient Ac Repair Hydraulic Manual Tool
Hand hydraulic hose crimper kit handheld ac hose manual hydraulic crimping tool

Hydraulic pressure tool  A/C Hose Crimper Kit white box
Goods name: Hose Crimping Tool, Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool

Pre-operation set-up
Open the relief valve to fully recess the piston.Then,close tightly.
Rotate the yoke fully counter clockwise to bottom out the adapter seat.

Operating Instructions
WARNING: Do NOT actuate the piston without having a hose and fitting in place to crimp.This could cause damage to the tool. BE CAREFUL not to place hands near any pinch point while using the tool! 

Product Description

dies snap quickl into place requiring no pins or screws
Unit can be easily mounted to a bench using the holding fixture (included) or a vice

Hydraulic A/C Hose Crimper kit is applicable for beadlocking fitting.The tool includes seven sets of dies for barrier a/c hose. The crimping tool has a base that can be mounted to a bench
for easy use, or the base can be held by any vise..

Maintence of Hand held a/c hose ferrule crimper kit hydraulic crimper
1.Check if hydraulic crimper function normally. Any damaged tool is never used and shall be sent to the authorized repair shop or our company.

2.Check that the parts at the mouth of hydraulic crimper can freely move. Periodically check that all the pipes, axes, and screws are not damaged. Any damaged part must be replaced with original part by the authorized technician.

3.After that, the hydraulic crimper shall be thoroughly cleaned. All the moving parts are greased only with premium hydraulic oil or ball bearing oil. 

4.Other maiintenance: Adjustment and maintenance must be performend by the our company authorized technicians.

5.If the seal is damaged, the quality assurance will not be cancelled.

6.The hydraulic crimper, which have undergone 20000 crimping operations or have been used for two years, whichever is earlier, must be maintained by the authorized repair shop or our company.

7.The hydraulic crimper are sent only after hydraulic oil must be thoroughly drained from them.

8.Associated hydraulic oil: HB30(acid number: 0.81 mg KOH/g) 57ml

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